General Recruiting

NWRPros are versatile and have experience in many different industries.  We have done projects for corporate service organizations such as finance, human resources, facilities, operations and administration.  A sampling of the industries we have served include:

  • Entertainment
  • Public and Private
  • Non-profit
  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Retail

Members of our team have recruited for companies like:

  • Boeing
  • Paramount Studios
  • Experience Music Project
  • Disney
  • Todd Shipyards
  • Neopost
  • Canon
  • Dye Management Group
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Shurgard Storage

Our recruiters typically research each position to understand job content, market availability and compensation trends.  We also do research to determine how the position may be defined in other similar companies.